Does your Social Media Optimisation / Web 2.0 strategy include these deliverables?

It takes 6 to 8 months to get results from Search Engine Optimisation. However, business owners do not have time or patience to wait for 6 months. The solution is to use Web 2.0 or Social Media Optimisation techniques to get quick results. You can get results within a week or a month. Social Media sites like You Tube, FaceBook, MySpace have huge traffic. But you need experts who can help take advantage of these websites to market your business. There are thousands of Social Media websites, but you need to select best sites which can get you traffic.

social media optimization
Social Media Marketing Services
Total Cost £2040
Project Duration 3 Months
Social Networking
Fans tick
TwitterFollowers tick
(Posting updates and replying tweets regularly)
Photos and Images
Sharing 10 sites
Business Promotional Pages
5 Pages
Hubpages 5 Pages
Presentation Creation and Sharing
Creation 1
Sharing 10 Sites
External Blog
Creation of Wordpress Blog 1
Posts 10
Press Releases
Writing* 3
Submission 30
Video Optimization
Creating Video *
Submission of Videos 50
Social Bookmarking
Submission 100
Customer Support

Please Note: * We will give you a list of topics or options for Press Release writing or creating a video. You need to respond to our questions in a timely manner to ensure that your project gets completed on time.


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